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Illeana:Very popular super-natural beautiful girl Illeana! At last, beauty, oh○, the penis which is a Japanese boy in KO..

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HA-, I'll challenge! I'm sorry to have kept you waiting! Super-natural beautiful girl Illeana very popular since a delivery appears on today's delivery again! This time is to say summer and the yukata form-! You wear a pretty pink yukata, and it "is a good place outside"-, and, Mr. Japanese boy big chin Kondo appeared to a dim place! With what! Illeana who greets in Japanese! He's surprise, but surprisingly, Illeana who uses Japanese is also too cute-! Whether such cutie is poked in by a condition of the yukata form, the moment, CHINPO MOO standing all the while of manager O-! Illeana who can put Japan CHINPO in Illeana's clean pie bread as expected, and feels away.., already, the best SSU-!

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"I didn't have so fine teamwork with a face, but the expression when it's kept, was good. An actor is not completely satisfactory." "Mr. foreigner of the yukata form is good, too, but I like for seasons whether you say that the person who looks like a cheerleader of a basic is openhearted." "Foreigner's beautiful girl receives the feeling which is different from Japan and looks like an adult. In which country does a lady also feel the strength."

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