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Rainer:A Japanese boy has toyed with the A order beauty./Too beautiful 18 year old Rainer

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DO-, well, I have also come this time! The midst of 8 summer festivals of 2011 money! It becomes hot, the beauty's appearance my son becomes hot for which of course, too! Appearance of A order beauty Rainer-! Umm, there should be also a lot of ways where this beauty is intolerable! It seems slightly precious, Rainer a smiling face is pretty actually and who is cute! When is a sexual sense area heard? In Japanese, OMA○ KO-! Please what do you say while laughing! SSU pretty reluctantly! I seem slightly worried whether that Japanese traditional den MA is also the cause to which you don't get accustomed and use it, but please feel subtly! The-! enjoyed with Mr. Tamada by a vibes and a set

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"The face was pretty, but a style was not completely satisfactory. There were no performances, so it was boring." "With this, with 18, Miss Reyna of surprise. Of the word erotic in halting Japanese... " "Of Japanese taste Cute and beautiful girl Kitty-cat bigger one To seem often to use it Without performances" "It's pretty laver also is good and is very good young. There is no dirty for being regrettable.", isn't it? "In the one from Rainer material II, stand nothingness SHIDARO w person himself MANZURI, it's done because I make them take the one which is being talked about, it isn't put on and."

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