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Cassandra:KIN8 AWARD 2011 No.3 I have a pretty face, and it's undeveloped there! A 18 year old beautiful girl, a Japanese boy, HAME./Beautiful girl of fascination Cassandra.

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KIN8 AWARD 2011 No.3 Beautiful girl Cassandra of fascination, by appearance, SSU! Cassandra of the style batsugun model order of the tall figure! It was that I'm Mr. Kondo with a date, and I arranged to meet and brought him to your room again after meal! Mr. Kondo who was doing the appointment which shows the swimsuit form. If I heard "Show it to me.", I had already come a swimsuit in the bottom! It doesn't suit a face, Cassandra of whom a mind to do is full! Surprisingly, it's white SUKU water-! This, Mr. Kondo is big excitement, too! It's attacked away while putting on a swimsuit! If I apply lotion from the top of a swimsuit, the bottom, transparent, transparent! The-! by which this time also attacks Cassandra of salmon pink away

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"A face was MAAMAA, but a style was not completely satisfactory and an actor was worst." "It's pretty, so I have no complaints, but the genre isn't convincing with this in KUNNI! My blond daughter is fair, too." "The face which seems horny in the form of the force perfection I'm a good woman, but, image quality and the camera angle I give a demerit mark by camera Bret." "You were in the scene reproved for Cassandra's back and acted quire so." "KAWWA is here and I'm here and am a girl, IJIN didn't like 。, this is good."

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