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Missy:By Mr. Kondo who could be my blond daughter and on the road, yes, sitting cross-legged RI, I speak to a girl....

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DO-, I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. This renewal is TEEN`S club part-time 2! Appearance of the first appearance missy-! On the road, yes, a blond was completely tame and Mr. Kondo who did went to the missy who was doing sitting cross-legged RI to hang quick effect voice! Mr. Kondo who also became good at English. He's brought to a house cleverly in one's speech and I'm holding a missy on my lap and am twiddling a breast all too soon-! Only a blond finds out that he'd like taking, but it's taken off to here or-! The pie bread which gets on an end on the table, and it's a missy by the opening of its legs wide apart, oh, the-! by which○ observes KO

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"Girl's face and a body are not completely satisfactory and this actor is poor and doesn't like above all." "As soon as you can be a blond woman, rry is tall as expected, and it seems cool it's enviable.", doesn't it? "You're a beautiful blond, moreover I also have beautiful skin very much and, the teat is also pink, that's good."

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