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Me:KIN8 AWARD 2011 No.1 18 years old! The erotic boy who toys with the body which stood in a start as a lady, the princess play luxurious surely...

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The first" TEEN'S club" which shone excellently in KIN8 AWARD 2011 No.1! Appearance of 18-year-old me-! Was a pretty amateur face popular with everybody? Happy me appears by the elegant clothes which look like an adult at outside! Even 18 years old look like an adult and seem so much reluctantly! It's windy and is turned up with skirt PE RORI, and, Zillah of panties! A breast, slippingly, oh! Skin fresh is aroused! It "was brought a little today" after date with Mr. Kondo, and, me. SSU or-! which doesn't contain a tape if it'll open in many ways The me who was M despite appearances! I'll spite variously-!

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"A face was pretty, so it was expected, but a style was not completely satisfactory and, the play contents are also not completely satisfactory." "Since making it a foreigner, it isn't an overaction if I train, a breast seems comfortable the launch by the last mouth is also good.", doesn't it?, is it? "It's very pretty, and, pie bread is Good!"

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