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Haley:It's refreshing on the mountain, FAKKU! It's too comfortable and huge, spout!/aokan exposure part-time 1

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DO-! I'm sorry to have kept you waiting,-! The exposure WEEK! which has started from today increasingly This plan which has been said to be the outside play and has started as expected if it's becoming warm! The-! to which overseas bold exposure play will be delivered together Appearance of the first time is Haley's appearance of a slender gal! When it always becomes warm, I go to the place where a public doesn't stick, and it's said that she aokan likes very much enjoys play! It seems that even a lonely place is seen by someone, more than ordinariness, I'm excited, even if I bear! Only sometimes, that the spout which doesn't go out is also the outdoors, securely, it sprouts, umm,♪. Marvellous spout! So, it's taken out, U NSSU or-!? Haley? It's taken out badly-!

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"I was quite good woman. aokan play was the work at which you can be excited for me I like very much." "I think a woman of the Mexican system, but, the beautiful blue sky A mind to do is full and very good during grand nature, but, what is the block it's on the way of shipping next to the mat? Special naturalness is spoiled."

Keywords:I splash an amateur and the outdoors exposure, a spout.

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