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Nancy:KIN8 AWARD 2011 No.2 It's the full/remembered BA or, but a RORI kid likes a back!

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KIN8 AWARD 2011 No.2 Nancy of a RORI kid can stand up 18 years old and is appearance! Nancy first experience was painful, but Buck likes for now completely! The surface where it's full of youth when it's often seen, fresh-! And the body which became an adult is completely nice, body! That the innocence is left for action, this, also, intolerable! Nancy who is inserted from a back and feels away while swinging a finished breast. Something by which FERA thio is also your hand! The-! the end mentions

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"A style was very pretty and could be excited about an outstanding girl best." "They're very young, and it's pretty and beautiful OMANKO CHINKO which runs into pie bread. This doesn't collect.", isn't it?

Keywords:An amateur, launch in the mouth and pie bread shaving.

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