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Rainer:I helped a too busy female emergency medical technician with a stress emission./Blond work Vol.1

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HA-, I'm here, I'm sorry to have kept you waiting-this time is a new series! It should be said to be April and be a lot of people who can begin work, too! So by the Rainer's appearance by which this time is a female emergency medical technician entrance calendar for 2 years, SSU-! After a stress is always busy with only work and builds up! The intervals when you're working when I say the stress divergence method, it's chosen, and, it's onanism, SSU which meets! Even if the hair is raised, it's pretty, that I let my hair down, this, also, geki kawai-! For a slender body, PAIPANMANKO! And nurse clothes! It'll soon collect, MA SHE-oh!

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"ken is good short, the countenance I'm playing and a style were not completely satisfactory." "Beautiful good breast with the rather a little small color-shaped of the feature Of a camera, in intention, it's done, and, vibes onanism For histrionic-tion Ben leakage at the end, X"

Keywords:An amateur, a costume masquerade, a vibes and the West thing.

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