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Ivy:A blond teen, Japanese and HAME, would, please, it was inevitable! The series last a chapter of looking forward to- 8 schools of sum-

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DO MODO-, I'm sorry to have kept you waiting! 8 schools of money well-received increasingly is also the last chapter! This appearance is appearance of Huku Man Ivy-! Was NO Japanese and HAME RU NO become trendy for a blond recently where true? Ivy is the one, too. For some reason, when it's heard? Handling is easy! Moreover because it's delicate, it's said that the technique is also delicate and it's different from rough people and small, it was done, usage, it's said that it's very comfortable, water is blown if* den MA is used, that I'll bite, Ivy! Please blow-!

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"A face wasn't my favorite type not completely satisfactory, but the style and the play were good." "They aren't blond, but, big MANKO can't usually think to send a beautiful girl of the feature as a student at all." "You can say only KAWAYU I are you an amateur really? The, comparatively, disposal of a hair is too good.", right? "It seemed very pretty, and you wanted to see please deliver it once again by all means.", right?

Keywords:An amateur, a costume masquerade, launch in the mouth, the West thing and FERA.

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