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Heather:The 3rd series by which she of infant features is* looking forward to by an owner of a force body- gold 8 school-

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I'm sorry to have kept you waiting,-! If it's taken off by an owner of infant features today, it's wonderful! The-! by which a heather of a force body is the first appearance While it rains, you appear by the uniform form which looks really good-! In a park, breast PORO-, if, the heather who took it out and grasped the* taste calmly. I sit down on a bench and have opened your thigh! Also you show me shifting TEOMAN of panties with PE RO! The girl who is slightly all ordinary when she'll interview! I don't think it's taken off at all, but it's taken off-, isn't it? The place which isn't pie bread, this, also, I look pure in heart and feel II, SSU-!

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"It wasn't pretty and a style couldn't also be excited also to bite vice. The contents are also not completely satisfactory." "I'm an attractive girl, but, a park and other prefaces are too long, and when it's being seen, the vibes it'll be disagreeably is fairly good, but, without performances"

Keywords:An amateur, a costume masquerade, a vibes and the West thing.

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