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Justin:Please take much out in my mouth! The Justin volume/a smiling face, KAWAYUI blond teen To the throat CHINKO..

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Yes! DO MODO-, good-bye! This renewal, JASUTIN,--! Justin who appeared several times! What and, bisexual! O, so, a cutie, a woman and a man are OK, NAN SU or? It isn't understood by the appearance reluctantly, I don't have that! Justin who is about added pretty and vulgar countenance and anal bare riding, and feels clear beautiful skin and big chin away is best SSU! The end is also she who doesn't forget a smiling face! I also find out that I'm good-natured- Please enjoy yourself-!

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"Of a small and pretty bottom, tightly, in a grab, it's done, and, ki dominance was good. MAMUKO also looks small, detective CHIN is held in its mouth tightly, and it's crowded. This is intolerable." "The play contents were quite good, but girl's looks was not completely satisfactory." "I'm a well-proportioned cute girl, but, big, MANKO used too much" "I'll make it a dl candidate. I expect to go up evaluation."

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