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Chiara Load:My geki leather blond daughter of big breasts who has flown down from heaven SHAIR HOUSE VOL1 KIARA LORD

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Yes! Increasingly, I'm sorry to have kept you waiting-! Soon, appearance of Chiara load of popularity! Kondo who has moved to a new place and wood paneling rice field brother. A room is left, so the place where a roommate was recruited and Chiara who came. Two people are blindly for a girl of an expectation, too! Two people secret intention is full and who introduce a room. Chiara who saw a pretty room and preferred completely. When I'm speaking in the living room, wood paneling Den who can't read air saw cutie's punch on the stairs, and whether the spotted blur was made the one which is the talk which seems gathered turns over a skirt-! It has been the subtle atmosphere, but two people who touch away forcibly half! PUKUPUKU NOOMAN even makes an end take off panties, and is completely exposed to view-! Moreover the-! which makes CHIN PO hold in its mouth to the inside of the throat Two people who take up the girl who has come a room to see forcibly! Chiara who feels though he dislikes it for such two people! Delivery SSU where today is VOL1! Please enjoy cute Chiara-!

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