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Abril:Tricked honor-roll student The honor-roll student who visited in Japanese study is*.. gold 8 finding new face ABRIL Debut.

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Yes! How is everybody spending GW? The new face beautiful girl who was delivering today. Abril who is 18 years old with what? It's a debut as a gold 8 finding new face! Abril who is cute even if a smiling face takes it. She who came with knowing nothing by the teacher's who is interested in Japanese and teaches me Japanese having. The correspondence about which they're serious composedly though Mr. wood paneling Den who was waiting is glad about mind. And a honest Japanese classroom starts! Abril of the capacity which begins from a greeting in hand taming first, and is fair! Good pronunciation! And there is your request from Abril this time, and I have said that I'd like to know what to call a part of a body! That's an inexpensive order! You'll study right away, SSU! While teaching while touching casually, it has been the good atmosphere what it is! Well, what happens? The one by which cute Abril can be able to pray NOOMAN or-! Delivery SSU where today is VOL1! Please enjoy yourself!

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