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Peach:Only my pure and pure cute pupil Pure PEACH.

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Today's delivery is appearance of a very popular peach. It's the appearance which has not finished being an adult, but that I take off my clothes, plump body. It may be the one which is never a beauty, but isn't it her allure that purity appears in action? She also studying today by oneself. I make the telephone call to the one by which study came to a deadlock or a CHINPO teacher. The TEO study to which a teacher will come right away is being done, the CHINPO teacher who begins to rub a shoulder even if he'll be slightly tired. And a breast is pursued from a shoulder. Nonresistant she's the state which would like probably to study dirty! When ZURI drops the clothes which stop at a breast, a beautiful breast still appears. Even if it's seen, how many times is it an impressed thing in this beautiful breast! And CHINPO where a teacher is proud, in a stock peach, the fellatio class. Is the technique tasted up slowly the place where you stepped on adult one step a little? And it lies in the table where you were studying and is KUNNI of Daikai leg! A pigment seems a little thick for the lower part of the body, a gap with the top, this, also, intolerable! When normality is finished on the table, this time is about riding on the seat. SSU where a movement of an awkward lower back of a peach is intolerable-! And the peach who moves to a sofa and enjoys CHINPO of Buck and a teacher about riding. The SSU-! which is still pretty

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