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An eye, me:The innocent pupil drowning in private teacher's warped intou session Fraudulent private teacher series

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Yes! Today's delivery is teaching English to a teenage chit, but different tuition does, too! A delivery of a fraudulent private teacher series. It's a worldwide language to say English. Europe where a lot of countries enter into small land. When that place closes beyond the border at the border right now, a word also changes. Moreover the word of each country is incomprehensible! So it's English to be useful! When I can speak a form of English, everyone is the second language, so it's also all right with poorness. The eye studying English over the teens by saying so, me. But without the intention that I completely study! Without also finding inevitable in a life destination, what is it, with this pronunciation, they seem to be playing. So the teacher who got angry begins the different class! A body is petted in a good thing, and it's a desk suddenly and I make that I misbehave lie, and it's throwing in! But very interested she's aggressive dirtily! CHIN PO you could enter once is made beautiful in FERA, and I sit down on a chair this time, and it's insertion from a back! And the eye which will be about riding and tastes teacher's CHINPO on the seat, me! Much, I splash it over your face! The teacher who preaches after needing a word like this's being proper! Good SSU-!

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