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Stephanie Cain:Your big ice also makes them taste, and, bang VAN STEPHANIE CANE

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Yes! Today's delivery is a bang VAN series which takes pride in its fair popularity! The plan to which I say that a CHINPO corps in an ice cream shop looks for a cute girl and rolls up HAME! The student's girls are very fond of ice cream! So a girl is attracted, and it's even lured out cleverly in one's speech even in the VAN, just as it is, HAME, the beauties who are a lot in the strategy, HAME! Now, this girl is black-haired Stephanie of a slender body. That I should be probably in this neighborhood, a CHINPO corps, a car, dispatch when I was here the-! which was here KAWAIKO who walks to the sidewalk. When an ice cream VAN is found, I have run with "Ice cream!" immediately! Good Stephanie of laver who makes them hold in their mouth to the inside though she makes them hold ice cream in its mouth, and delights a delusion. It's American indeed! SSU which can go to this and meets! Which conversion is it, the CHINPO corps which makes a reason and brings him to the inside. The-! by which she who became good-humored when service ice was given, took off panties on the refrigerator A reluctance, this, also, it's small and is very clean pie bread. Stephanie who feels that KUNNI is done by momentum away with ice! When a big chin proud of a CHINPO corps is taken out in immediateness, your mouth begins to hold too large CHINPO in its mouth fully-! If I come here, it's already OK! Stephanie's tightness means good, oh, the-! zero KONIBU sou scolds Image quality is a little bad, but please pardon it-!

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"Very large standing on hind legs! Force perfection is fine, by image quality, Yma Ichi's is regrettable."

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