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Eric:A dumpling, I go! Blond Hunter Today's game ERIKO.

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Yes! The popular series which is appearance after a long time! A dumpling, I go! The delivery which is so. Today's game is appearance SSU in cute ENIKU of tall figure slenderness! It's written with ENIKO by the Roman alphabet, and it's ENIKU, SSU which meets! ENIKU who appeared to a place by the dumpling showing an unskillful piano. The dumpling he thinks you tell me, and how is it also seems to have been fine for putting and a piano, and who will fawn on a breast of ENIKU right away. It'll have moved to a sofa and have started right away! When I take off my clothes, there is only a slender body as expected, and it's outstanding in a style! Milk droops to big areola papillaris little, and creates disgust! In the NETTORI bill pear attack peculiar to Japan, Eric is big acclamation, too! With what! The-! which has even blown water When I make them do a fellatio in front of the piano, KOCHINNOCHINPO is inserted from a back click! CHIN PO made in Japan seems solid and pleasant! The-! which returns to a sofa and feels away by joint completely exposed to view The height is small, but the dumpling doesn't discount technique! Please enjoy Eric about whom YOGARI is upset in Japanese technique-!

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