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Anita:Younger brother's pretty SEFURE Gold 8 school ANITA B VOL2

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I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. Today's delivery in the gold 8 school last day in spring is younger brother's pretty SEFURE. It's a continuation! The first day when I have come to the younger brother's place to play from Japan. My wood paneling rice field elder brother who has driven a house because the younger brother's SEFURE has come to play. But I go, an early place was returning aimlessly! My younger brother who was flirting in the room is surprised! Your elder brother who follows in soft-shelled turtle PON for some reason when he moves a room because he returns and has come! Half is 3P participation forcibly! I'll begin to attack Anita with two people right away! On the other hand, dirty has been just remembered, so Anita's person is very interested! Moreover I'm happy by a thing as two Japanese swords! You do W FERA, and I receive Anita from my younger brother and Mr. Kondo-! Hard wife○ of a small body, KO is a nonesuch! Anita expands there with PAKA, too, and, excited state! Of wet getting wet, oh, the-! your elder brother receives in zero KO, too She who feels away in two Japanese swords. Too comfortable Anita. Whether the end is a stop,--!? Please enjoy cute her by smallness today-!

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