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Anita:Younger brother's pretty SEFURE Gold 8 school ANITA B

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Yes, I'm sorry to have kept you waiting! Today's delivery is younger brother's pretty SEFURE and Anita's appearance SSU! Your elder brother has come from Japan to see the state of my younger brother! Could she be made Mr. Kondo living well surprisingly? The answer that SEFURE is in the question which is so! The wood paneling rice field I want this to introduce by all means! But younger brother Kondo who would like to enjoy today with two people! I have come, though, there were also no places where he goes, so if it was done for a while, wood paneling Den who has driven a room was returning-! Anita enjoying oneself in the room of course and Mr. Kondo! Now, happening and! Anita who inserts a condition Japanese sword of a uniform is must-see! Delivery SSU where today is VOL1! Please enjoy yourself-!

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