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Angel Piaf:The hardness of the Japanese sword experienced for the first time Gold 8 school ANGEL PIAFF

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HAIDOMOSSU! A smiling face is nice appearance of Angel Piaf for a slender body for today's delivery! She who says that she'd like to be a nurture man in the future, 18 years old fresh! It's so! She who has the good uniform figure and looks good. There isn't boyfriend, either, so dirty is also silent, SSU which meets! Mr. Japanese boy who begins to attack while teaching Japanese right away! A breast was just massaged, Angel, SSU where pleasure meets! And oh,○ when it's observed what happens, KO is what! You open a pink petal and show it to me, and-! They're full of fair service! And Angel who tastes around carefully and seems comfortable and also suffers from a first toy made in Japan! That she's severe, after livening, a Japanese sword of KOCHIN is thrown into Angel click-! Various posture is enjoyed and it's felt away! It's in acclamation in Japanese technique of a fine attack and a Japanese sword!

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