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IRONA:A dumpling, I go! Blond Hunter Today's game ILONA.

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Yes! Today's delivery, a very popular series dumpling, I go! Travel of European blond beauty HAME rolling! Today's blond beauty, IRONA, SSU! She who is young, and a rod rod body, slightly, 19 years old! This, a blond, the dumpling who loves is very excited, too, a touch, SSU! I'm speaking variously like usual, but it's the state by which English isn't understood so much! But dumpling! The neighborhood is accepted in adaptation to circumstances! Indeed, Japanese boy! The contents are essential for a man, SSU! IRONA who is often reserved and feels is cute when he begins to rub a breast, oh, please be mentioned! And the FERATEKU SSU-! which is fair when CHIN PO is held in its mouth And IRONA where it's cry rolling when a dumpling Japanese sword enters! She who is big acclamation in the first Japanese sword, SSU-! It'll be a delivery in 720x480 this time! Please enjoy yourself!

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