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Yumi:Neighborhood wife eros-, I'm here.

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The first taking work series A wife in neighborhood was invited to photography this time. If YO which dates and gives spending money a little says, I have followed. Moreover may a picture be taken in a video? It was seen, stay here, if I say a fact, it's OK by a duplicity answer! Glue was also the light one very much well. This Mr. Oku was so and seemed quite fond of FERA and tasted strenuously. Moreover it's good! Zero PO is drawn in and built and has them load a helmet so that it may be licked tightly, well, it's charge. If I say the face by which one at HERUMETTOFERA seems happy... please see. The condition by which Yumi is there is incomplete, I overcame. Intention of Oiku and launch in the mouth riots! It was to shoot a face.

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