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Satoko:A new face actress is my SEREBU wife.

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The first taking series work new face actress would like to be money in case of SEREBU Tsuma Satoko very comfortably. I'd like to emit a stress! A wife of such desire has come to the part-time job in order to grant a wish. The end of negotiations and an appearance became OK in order to exert oneself as an audio visual actress now. But this Mr. Oku likes himself to be attacked and have sex by the pace, but it doesn't seem that FERA likes service so much. I persevered in FERA I don't like, so the end gave reward. The appointment which can play an active part as an audio visual actress now was done, but happening and.

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"A picture is bad and the camerawork is also useless. For a good one, a woman's, they feel it's good, only voice. I'll know more study."

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