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Emiko Saito.:It's outstanding in SHIMARI! By an anus, Iku woman

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The first taking series work < in case of Emiko Saito.> This model is Mr. Saito who did coming to our office< it was an audio visual model in case of us.> by model wish. 167cm of a tall figure, a slim model. But without going in MANKO, its true character was Iku woman by an anus. CHINPO, I like very much and keeps sucking without getting tired forever. An actor, stet, well when it'll be, it's being adjusted. It's considerable technique and something good and is also outstanding in SHIMARI. The whole body couldn't be moved so much this time, but when (Because I didn't have it in SHIMARI which is so much.) there is your request, I'm taking revenge.

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"Simplicity is done badly. By FERA and a bag, the end. But I'd like how to taste of CHINPO."

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