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Sayuri:Mother's nursing study diary

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Trick Mr. helper! A boss of a nursing center "Yamanomori" was scheming in order to train the helper who worried from before "Sayuri" as a grown-up helper (Dutch wife) somehow. I don't know such thing, a test was being studied and nursing was being practiced dealing with Hidekazu of MUSUKO for a lily always to become a grown-up helper. When such some Japan and Hidekazu tried to go to the workplace, Yamanomori came to a fixed period visit. Worrisome Hidekazu looked stealthily at a medium sign and saw. Then with the view Hidekazu saw. And give* and one by which well is like a drama a revolt with the behavior Hidekazu took*. I meet! Please behave immorally.

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"I'd like an ordinary aunt." "Quite acrid ! [the (maru) Д deg], a wonderful auntie perseveres in hetsu easily, too (the deg д deg)", doesn't he?

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