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Dark red.:Revolt of a yukata

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The yukata which is cool during being with severe late summer heat, the form is how or The excitement which is while worrying about a finger man and a den MA attack passerby at a bench while putting in an umbrella, during rain When I enter a room, the breast and the innocent expression by which white skin is the service palm size take off their yukata, and don't collect, when it's petted, you begin to let small pant leak, and slaver drips from the lip which sucks a glans, and is it flowing?

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"It's Pink Panther's "yukata" series the dark red is fair and it's nice. A yukata for, by the first image scene (There is eros fairly.) and outdoors, den MA (For power supply?) scene (This is unnecessary.) chisel. This partner looks like Nakaide frost trained by a clumsy actor who gets thin, is seen and isn't good.", isn't it? "Which is also best, rather thin pubic hair and a small breast, I'd like to make the dirty thing such child much and see." "It has the good yukata figure as expected. Uneasiness of den MA was good for a yukata somehow."

Keywords:A beautiful girl, a costume masquerade, a vibes and the outdoors, during exposing, it's taken out, FERA.

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