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Yumi:Mistress's collapse

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The men who witnessed a sillago scene of a mistress and a student Only what time's beginning to make noise if it's Lesbian prohibited, and enjoying zero acts of mausoleum for the women who stopped resisting the many I make a teacher and a student take off in the state of the numerical inferiority In the continuation before MANGURI is returned and OMANKO is thrust at behind the state that the mouth was emptied, which holds TINPO in its mouth, and is a head, big, I scream.

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"CHINPO is put in a student, and a teacher shouldn't raise a cry. I have to stand it.." "It's the shape that the teacher and the schoolgirl who ran to an act contrary to morality at the place of which they take student's notice at the school which should be a holy place dug their own grave personally."

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