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CHIERI:It's made OKAZU, and♪.

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The mature woman who boasts that it's painful by the convenient woman who is on the side anytime When I pour the MANGURI return and the dairy products which make the onanism on which I spent time much branded in memory into OMANKO and drink, OMANKO is stirred with the finger which creates the peculiar sour taste, the mouth, fully, TINPO, when I stuff my mouth, an engine opening body can be warped, and I suffer and agonize myself.

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"I also had the one by which Anna Yuki and Ai Nagase are appearing for "convenience store female series" of heart infliction. It's unrevised, because it was the time of the GOMUHAME mainstream, it's inevitable Anna Yuki and Ai Nagase would like to see so so.", isn't it?

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