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Cool air:It's a health-care room....

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"Ryo" who faints away and has been carried to a health-care room by the gym suit form begins a teacher of preservation of health mischievously in charm of Ryo who faints away When a teacher is provoked by small devil-like charm, tide is spouted, a face riding back quarter is also tasted around much to teacher's face and it's inserted, she who has woken up begins to suffer in a loud voice and is Ryo of the honor-roll student who doesn't also miss continuous cleaning FERA in a head.

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"Ryo is RORI course, isn't he? They're big breasts to some degree and, there is also a spout, insertion, with you can enjoy yourself."

Keywords:An audio visual actress, a beautiful girl, a costume masquerade and a countenance strike, a spout, big breasts and FERA.

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