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MOMO:HAME taking photography meeting

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It's reconfirmed by HAME taking while recollecting the actual experience in origin I launch unconsciously when FERA and hand KOKI gamble away a meat stick at the disturbing look by which show also moved rapidly a DOAPPU picture of OMANKO of course in the room first, the place next a chestnut pets on the bed, and where is attacked in den MA, HAME taking The raw insertion scene and the countenance over which I agonize are also must-see.

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"It's rather MOMO of a beauty course, but there is also prettiness during it, and I think the type popular among everyone. Moreover OMAN KO is big beautiful milk, and whatever I say, moreover beautiful. It looks like as such child on the nature of the work, it might be an inevitable one, but it was slightly imperfect that an interview scene is long, but whatever I say, I'd like an actress, so I think a very good work.", doesn't it?

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