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Drop:Sales of big breasts

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Though it's the sales lady dislike with which you rub big breasts, you're tearing the pantyhose which becomes comfortable in a visitor gradually to win a contract, KUNNI, when, excited OMANKO is soaked Visitor's meat stick, condition PAIZURI which discharged ZUPPORI and IRAMACHIO saliva to the inside of the throat, big breasts are swung, launch in the mouth The last request from a visitor....

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"Special beige pantyhose has not finished utilizing slaver FERA and PAIZURI..., but the points deducted are made up, and it remains and is some eros. It came off." "A body is slender, so, it was not completely satisfactory like itself, but, a breast and beautiful MAN KO can be satisfied." "If I'm such sales lady, everything may be covenanted. I'd like to say, think and do." "An intolerable work. 1 of the best recommendation in the opening of big breasts."

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