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The Misato millimeter:The personal photography-truth a former model saw-

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The Misato millimeter who sent a model of a magazine originally. A gal gal looks like an adult, grows and becomes beautiful very more prettily than the time when it was open by a black face, and, on a straight road, first, you appeared. namakan (raw HAME)! The line which are a beautiful leg and a narrow lower back in SUTENDABODI is indeed! I have just said so. Though the breast which spills from a fashionable black bra with PORON is also rather big so often by the bowl type. Such child is excited only with that to do a dirty thing now, I don't have that. GACHINKO game of the millimeter and the cameraman who make FERA disgusting. In pleasure which holds CHIN o in its mouth by an upward glance by a big eye, and is that, CHIN o is a bottle bottle. In the quiet room, PECHAPE, the atmosphere 100%! only sound and the voice as "well,* 、、" with the slender millimeter ring, and which is vulgar The beautiful man treatment has also made model OMA○ KO accurately, and who is considerable!... ejacul...

The Misato millimeter Asian girls

A comment: "The original feature seems complete. I'm not budding by a black gal." "A picture taking scene was preferred to FAKKUSHIN. FAKKUSHIN was boring only that." "That I say a former magazine model, it's pretty. It's better to look up in FERA and be a face." "It's too dark! It's very valuable because you show me FAKKU I made sticky. When it's a little whiter, NA-."

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