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Ichiko:Pleasant sensation hotel

Ippondoļ¼š2005/11/16 Return To Index
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RORI daughter Ichiko who was a molester train of the straight road monopoly original and was very popular last time appears in a straight road by a VIP again! In white skin, beautiful milk! Realistic feeling does this movie by which HAME was taken at the love hotel where he has no strange Satoshi, too, and Ichiko seems to be agonizing over SEX with oneself. Surprisingly, the face felt lasciviously is also pretty. Such movie, usual thanks is included among everybody of a VIP, and, big screen* is unrevised, please enjoy yourself!

Ichiko japan girl

"Erotic, well, but, Ichiko of feeling who may go out. I'd like to open a flyer flyer and keep a finger all the while." "Is this actress the natural system rather than RORI course? The play contents were ordinary." "FAKKUSHIN could enjoy itself rather long. The face which seems comfortable was also good." "It's a face of the system gapingly but it's somewhat pretty. The face I'm playing is also good.", isn't it? "Ichiko is pretty and is my favorite young. It's ordinary like a work, but Ichiko is all right."

Keywords:An audio visual actress, an amateur, RORI, HAME taking, beautiful milk, original animation and the best omnibus.

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