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kyouno Azusa:murasakichichibu

Ippondoļ¼š2005/12/10 Return To Index
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I appear in a kyouno Azusa straight road where the perfect erotic physical beauty is possessed at the same time originally from a beautiful leg and a beautiful breast to waist! She who was playing ballet. By a flexible body, captivation pose. The state which hands wet pudenda out of a gap of sexy purple underwear and wants a meat stick is erotic rhythm in the highest peak. Eros's search which is without compromise, perfection is unrevised, please enjoy yourself.

kyouno Azusa streaming

"Even if she isn't a mature woman lover, kyouno Azusa is a beauty, so I prefer. There is eros and the lingerie is also good." "Somehow you can't come to like a sexy lingerie. Ordinariness is most." "I appear fascinatingly by the lingerie they seem maybe not to like. FERA and FAKKU were powerful and good."

Keywords:An audio visual actress, a beautiful leg, chionna, big breasts and original animation.

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