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Yoko Aoyama.:The last Christmas of 2005 The second half

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One person doesn't want to be KIRI at Christmas. Did Santa receive her wish? There should be a thing which wasn't little and was seized with similar feeling purely in everyone, too. By a sequel, such, is it a superior in the country in sudden school days in front of Yoko who falls? I indulge in memory talk while being very surprised at refined Yoko, a superior will guess Yoko who falls, and gives advice. Please hug such Yoko to your breast quietly. Please enjoy yourself by impressed sequel and big screen.

Yoko Aoyama. pictures

"Erotic SA also seems good, and I'm out. A body and OMANKO seem pleasant. I like this child's flyer flyer." "The contents aren't bad like the first part. The body of a free actress is good, but a face isn't a taste." "Such child type. I want you to take out many such works." "FAKKUSHIN in the second half also seemed fine for shaking of a breast. Pant voice is slightly not completely satisfactory." "You can't come to like a face no matter what, the figure is doing plumply, and is II feeling."

Keywords:An audio visual actress, big breasts and beautiful milk.

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