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Yuu Takasaki.:Tokyo FURENDOFAKKU

Ippondoļ¼š2005/12/08 Return To Index
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Yuu's first audio visual work. Surprisingly, the girl with the pretty atmosphere, how to arrive muscle and waist are also intolerably perfect, aren't they? And these child and body are soft! What is acrobatic posture also, its. A combination part, SARAKERUYOUNA, various posture is a highlight. Talk of the sex which changed with an interview with first experience. A nose is dragged by hay fever, she who speaks indifferently though she makes them do. Are you behaving yourself in order to hide to contract a little? But a caress is pretty with shi RU once, pant voice.... I'd like the gap! It's she who can't relax easily, it's called, but condition* is done, but Yuu everything sends to a condition. The extraordinariness to which I'd like to send an actor. Dirty with Yuu who seems to be the girl who is nowadays, it's unrevised, please enjoy yourself!

Yuu Takasaki. young

"There is eros for a body, Yuu Takasaki of feeling. I'd like to push a flyer flyer open and taste a chestnut all the while." "Unfortunately the feature worries about the one I don't like and floral ZURU, but a body seems good." "It was thrust at with various posture in FAKKUSHIN, so you could enjoy yourself." "I thought the girl who doesn't seem to have a YARU intension subtly, cause of hay fever or the character which is the pace freely? That it's unexpected, a body seems fun and isn't also bad."

Keywords:An audio visual actress and beautiful milk.

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