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Yuki's:GURADORU vol.044 Detective.

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Though outstanding YUKI NO bets a detective, a style is appearance by 20 years old! I taste from a tip politely first, hold in my mouth to the inside of ZUPPORI and the throat just as it is and serve by crowded thick W FERA! Next you show me vulgar onanism using an electric vibes! OMANKO in TOYUKI NO who irritates a clitoris will be soon clammy while stroking an entrance of OMANKO with vibration of a vibes! YUKI NO who inserts and an electric vibes takes in and out and enjoys a stimulus smoothly! And increasingly, to a performance! That OMANKO in DEYUKI NO has sticky strings as much as a deep kiss and a breast could be tasted, BICHOBICHO! KUNNI blames more OMANKO in such YUKI NO using a rotor and an electric vibes! YUKI NO who will serve tastes thick FERA tightly from a ball, and CHINKO is damped sufficiently and it's raw insertion from the state which is about riding! Sunglasses have been caught while thrusting back just as it is! Sunglasses are YUKI NO surprised to have it stolen, but it's too comfortable, and can't stop! It's about the back riding just as it is by a natural face, and I'm thrust at away and finish the end by medium stock! From OMANKO in YUKI NO, ZAMEN, mud-RI!

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"A detective is obstructive as expected. If I have it stolen at all, I wish I showed the face from the beginning." "Until when will this detective series be Mr. a second series? I'm not my female daughter, it seems to be a detective bad reputation..." "A detective is obstructive. I'm Ms. beauty with a good removed face, so it's wasteful." "A style is an outstanding actress. A detective is quite obstructive, HIN cut up." "Because it's that I have fine teamwork hard, I'm stark-naked, H, I wanted. I think hardness wasn't also enough not completely satisfactory."

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