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Elena:CLUB ONE No.2

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This evening and membership system luxury club The one you receive in CLUB ONE is Elena! After putting good liquor in, it's to a restroom! Oh? Would you like? Customer's CHI○ sucks KO well while raising a vulgar cry! Have you become sleepy? Then, I stay in Elena same and give it! When I arrive at a hotel, I'll sleep immediately. .. for such stupidity! I'll massage and give it! That MA○ addresses den MA to the breakage a year year was doing in KO, "oh! Pleasure", firing! When a teat is tasted at the same time, Elena who says "Please do more breasts more!" is horny as expected! Then, I'll make it more comfortable using a vibes and give it! When I half rise to my feet and change a vibes intensely, I die again! "It's well-already useless! I wore too much!" for, it's exhausted while saying. Wouldn't I wear too much yet! More I can be imposed! NAMEKKO, later, "Can I have fast! Please put it in just as it is!", please become aggressive! Don't miss Elena who comes I away so that it seems to break in GACHINKOSEKKUSU!

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"The way of speaking which is lotus PPA a little is Elena's charm. Later without FERA in the small restroom is pillow business. By a monotonous chest and the pubic hair which left it only with CHOBI, there is eros strangely." "It loses the lead in the restroom almost, even a hotel is medium stock. It's good. The feeling to go away is wonderful, it was good." "Elena, erotic rice. You'd like to have time in the evening by such Miss KYABA and after the minute milk is also best.", right? "From Elena and a club, it'll look like after I'll bring it back, shank!! you're really horny Elena!! A finish was also good for stock during life.", right? "Elena was by the best as Miss KYABA. The pie bread was also clean and good!!"

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