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Umenomiya bean jam:Japanese aulopus, this vol.41 Kidnaped reader model The first part.

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"A reader model of Umenomiya bean jam circle resemblance of an o o o o fashion magazine, by everyone, I kidnap, O or?" if the dangerous men who try to capture Umenomiya bean jam circle resemblance as a game. The men have brought the Umenomiya bean jam who was walking a town to a car suddenly! The boss who is a kidnapping group when he arrives at a hiding place, "If I hear that I say, I'll attribute!", I put a collar on the bean jam and make them walk in the room by complete nudity like a dog, and it's in enslavedness of spear extraordinariness! I'd like to go home early The bean jam who has no choice but to hear that I say is done, but condition! When OMA○ twiddles KO in medium jikaikyaku while making a vulgar noise with KUCHUKUCHU, man soup is also overflowing. The bean jam to whom the punishment I didn't follow is granted as I come here and say! A rotor, 4 TSUBUKKOMARERU! Moreover I finish only by that and don't do! A vibes, though ZUBOZUBO can put OMA○ in KO, you also insert an anal ball in an anus! It's disliked, but an anus and OMA○ toy with KO, and OMA○ is KO HABITCHOBICHO! CHI♂ by which this time is the boss politely, the spout which is reproved for a finger man and is huge when KO is sucked! "CHI♂, PO, sou, can, want" if the bean jam who asks does mount on the own and inserts CHINKO with ZUBUZUBU by draft beer! Momushiri, PURUNPURUN, make, please, bean jam of feeling rolling suffers away! Medium excuse as well as finish! But it can't result only with this yet!

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"I was a girl of a gal course, so it wasn't a taste so much and the contents weren't also so, regrettable." "TSUNDERE ancestry puts a collar on only that a little, and, I'd like to threaten, something it'll be. The inside of a bristle of GOWAGOWA is also wonderful." "The acting is also incomplete and Ms. Actress's face seems languid. Oh,○ KO is also pigment deposition a touch, so, a highlight, nothing." "Kidnaped, there are no dislikes so much comparatively. You might also deviate from a collar at FERASHIN and FAKKUSHIN." "They're good-looking, but the one they seem to have grazed or the feeling that I kidnap when it isn't disliked more, doesn't make it dirty...."

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