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Shitsumi Rika:GURADORU vol.047 Detective.

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"I'd like to become an audio visual actress, and I have come." and, it's Shitsumi Rika of Kanno o ear resemblance to achieve a debut by a detective! I like dirty very much. For after they feel embarrassed in front of the camera in the percentage I say. Pretty-! Which has gone out when I make take off the shirt! G cup big breasts! When I'll taste a teat while fingering, a thing is done, oh, it's felt away while being here and being afraid! You feel like reflecting on more reactions more with II so much, right? That Rika's super-sensitive MA○ will reprove KO for a finger man away with den MA, head spout! The enormous volume spout which is to the extent a sofa becomes soaked this time when GUJUGUJU stirs finger 2 DE, again! CHI♂ I like very much, the crowded form holds PO in its mouth to the inside which seems good and is the throat, and passes eros! If it's tasted each other carefully in 69, I stand up at last and insert rawness back! Rika who feels away while raising a KYAWAYUI pant cry. The way of getting wet which is to the extent it takes man soup for a camera with PISHAPISHA! ARERE? Were sunglasses caught by themselves? If saying, I on the second thought have a pretty face! During, the one for which it isn't quite satisfactory yet even if I take it out and am finished, or Rika who begins to make the onanism whatever! Tide is mingled with ZAMEN and man soup, and KO is white and Rika's MA○ has been already frothed up! The mixed soup which stuck to a finger, PERORI! DAA where eros isn't on earth here only DON!

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"This GURASAN doesn't seem significant. When it's no problem even if a picture is ordinarily taken." "They often feel a style is fine, erotic KU doesn't collect on the form. The meaning of the detective is unclear not completely satisfactory." "A word may be added to the inside of sunglasses over the night vision, the farsightedness and the protection soon. It's to the extent it's pulled to act like the lecherousness to which a finger is moved intensely so that it may be scraped off by the lower back which trembles, after taking it out and being done during stop." "There was an awkward sense, but, maybe that isn't liked, it was here and was good. But, GURASAN, meaning obscurity." "The body which did this rod rod doesn't collect. You're a considerable sex lover I'm excited.", right?

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