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Shiina RIKU:The first time of RIKU....

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Shiina RIKU who would like to love by my younger sister-like and the various meaning! RORIRORI which wore glasses, my younger sister. When RIKU went home, your elder brother who got angry depended on a living room. That a vibes was stolen from your elder brother, BARE! You're punishing! IRAMACHIO EZU KU drivels much, and where is intense! The form that I cough and also persevere in breath intermittently is vulgar again. I'll splash ZAMEN from the top of glasses and permit this place for the time being! RIKU who was resting peacefully woke up and remembered suddenly. I'll do onanism by the vibes, the rotor and the pornographic picture taken from your elder brother secretly! That a vibes is poked in with ZUBOZUBO, man soup is hanging down with fatty tuna-, and, already, NURENURE! I die while uttering a cute pant cry! You find the toy which was in the bag for a private teacher this time! Then, I'll tell and give how to use the rotor and the vibes! Though I scream when power of a vibes is given, I! The form that teacher's CHI○ I like very much tastes KO and a ball politely, there is eros again! "Please put it in!" and, RIKU who asks! When such cute daughter can't enter for draft beer, it's wasteful! It's about riding and it's thrust at noisily from the bottom, and the bottom can be held, and that it's stirred, fainting, immediately before! OMA○ overlooks KO GU DAGU and RIKU who gets into a scrape from a form of curiosity!

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"Is RIKU where IRAMACHIO blame is a basic activity even now? Activity is the actress who would like to see once again." "When coming with glasses by minute milk, it may be the HAMARI role of RIKU. This face is ideal for IMARA, but it isn't a taste, so that isn't liked." "My female daughter is good, MEGANERORI is not completely satisfactory. Please take off your glasses." "Shiina RIKU where it's RORIFEISU by glasses. The actress who likes." "If an actor of an example appears in a screen, it'll be time of the last ^^; IMARA blame. Until this actor dies... even if RIKU hits a give give and means."

Keywords:While raw HAME namakan, an audio visual actress, RORI, a girl student, a uniform, pajamas, a vibes and a countenance are striking, they take it out and are fair, onanism, hand KOKI and FERA.

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