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Shiragishi Yu:Soccer club-man kai overhead-

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Series of club activities! Ace Shiragishi Yu of a female soccer club! You make study go to a male soccer club as intensive training for the whole country victory! Yu who hands a uniform and makes them change the clothes in front of the men. Study is started with 1 of pants! Muscle of the lower part of the body is weak! I'll train by a squat! In the male face by which KO was looking up at OMA○ of Yu who has got tired just under, GORU! Take off datsu of pants to become easier to move! The muscle is also elaborate-. When I'll make the massage a rotor in den MA, "It'll be soon done by the limit-." is felt away! The next is training of the upper part of body! While being stimulated by roter, DABURUFERA! A hand man and finger man blame with 4 people are defense's training! You're done by MANGURI on the ball and insert 2 fingers more, and, enormous volume spout! Well, the second half of the game starting! It's about riding and rawness is inserted! Practice isn't being talked about any longer! A condom is thrown away, and, for draft beer, HAME! Is CHI○ YA reels in the next from the next by various posture endured by KO? If it's for the whole country victory, don't miss Yu who does everything!

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