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Omine Yoshie:Celebration of passing the examination of a heat hole teacher

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A sequel of a hot blood teacher of Omine Yoshie. A condom makes the chair in the classroom inverted, and is covered a foot with! Mr. Omine who has begun to add that suddenly! That's impossible! Before a student is returning from announcement of the result of the examination, onanism has been begun! A coarse spot in the vagina was rubbed away and tide was spouted personally! The sticky soup is painted on a foot on a chair, and! OMA○ is inserted in KO! Impossible! DO abnormal teacher ME! Students' reward has been thought of at such time! It was glad to pass a test that the students who have returned were met, and was spirited, and Omine teacher into whom MA○ threw an anal stick in KO in quantities! It's decided by lot of this stick what kind of celebration I can have. Because yellow is FERA, and white is special, pink doesn't tell Iwashimizu yet. Iwashimizu sits astride a face of the student who took on and spouts tide personally again. Oh, urination has also gone out! The other students who judged the place where tide and urination can be revealed in quantities in a face from a finger man become intolerable, and, early, FERA, would! The student who can't mind the appearance any longer stands up suddenly and inserts rawness back! Reward of the white which is special is ANARUFAKKU! Mr. Omine comes I away many times by the firing which "likes an anus very much or is comfortable", too! 2 hole simultaneous FAKKU completely exposed to view is quite vulgar in DOAPPU. The form that I respond to GACHINKOSEKKUSU though I come I away and become a little exhausted many times, indeed, heat hole teacher!

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"A garter belt and OMANKO one between it is treating neatly are good for red net tights." "It was in the classroom, but I suffer from student's intense lunge intensely, it was felt and it was good." "The teacher role stands as the headship as an anus and an alien substance insertion professional actress, and also fits well. Please provide social guidance as an alien substance can't be taken any more out from a hole, and not to be carried by ambulance." "A chill,-. Every ant. I'm surprised at anal urination, on parade!! I came." "If onanism was done, the shape was a dildo near CHINKO and ONA wanted. By a foot on a chair, ONA, can, even if, I'm not too excited."

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