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Pome MERIA:The work woman-new face announcer who demands an indecent language-

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"3 months have passed about announcer's work. While having been busy and having canceled the date every day, Hula RE is sending deserted every day to the boyfriend...." pome MERIA of such new face announcer. The place where "deserted NA" is mailed to someone during work can be seen for a male staff. To do the practice for which a diaphragm is trained with the male staff. You make say a jargon by a tongue twister and it's recorded. Male staff gather and the bottom bottom breaks stockings, and pome Ana will take a further new face course. Speech training can point a microphone, and is a highlight while doing a finger man. In the contents which can't be overlooked with a stock finish during life by a spout and 3P firing, NA.

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"Pome MERIA, a jargon is thick in a uniform slenderly, FERA!! The (^^) without facts I say/" "The jargon thing is good when my beautiful daughter rises, you can be excited. It was good.", isn't it? "I was very excited to be intense! The work which makes the actress disorderly to here is good when removing CHINPO in particular, PYU and Ushio who has gone out were best!", isn't it? "She who is a beauty slenderly. If there is such new face, a workplace isn't also discouraged." "It's slightly similar to Nao Matsushita, but there is more intimacy. You also respond to the stock during 3 continuation tight by a slender body, and I also make up with IMARA. Be absorbed, a flower of a workplace and a mirror."

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