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White Saki Mai:-If white Saki Mai is Miss manners,- The first part.

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Like the name, fair actress and white Saki Mai. It'll be the first part animation dressed like Miss manners who will respond to the various delusion situations. The beginning will show onanism to a customer using a rotor and a vibes by the setting which are a teacher and a student. A teacher of a chi womanliness show, the one for which it isn't quite satisfactory yet or student's meat stick, it seems good and I bite! I stop tightly by your mouth much. The setting a customer continues, and by which becomes compliant. A usual stress can be healed here. "Be an excuse by such vulgar chest, umm." "I apologize for that by this vulgar beautiful leg." hot sillago is exchanged by vulgar tongue usage while apologizing. I'll massage a breast tightly, roll a teat by a finger hard and taste with Jules Jules. The lower part of the body also becomes hot. When MANKO is traced from the top of underwear, it's wet sufficiently. "By MANKO, I'm sorry to get wet so much." kaikyaku, please, a clitoris is stimulated quickly a finger. I stand up, and, I get wet with a finger man sufficiently. One after it, the visitor who welled up, tightly, even Oku is a fellatio. Performance in namakan. Mai who kept apologizing until just now when a piston was moved in little by little, "I'm happy, it's comfortable!", I begin to suffer. Riding moves a back and posture, and while it's positive dominance finally, it's taken out and it's finished. I'm sorry to be too comfortable! I also overlook a sequel and cry!

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"You're the actress who may have high percentage of completion, body Rhein is clean and is the best by-!! slenderness!!" "By treatment of hair of OMANKO, the cleanliness is RIMASU. FERA also seems good and is the child who seems good." "There was too much getting thin sense and it lacked the force. Skin was felt beautifully." "A face was somewhat artificial and a style was also not completely satisfactory. For play, oh, oh." "Is it only I that it's seeming gradually like a plastic surgery beauty? When processing of pubic hair is cut down, a contrast around the face and MANKO may be good."

Keywords:During launching an audio visual actress, a beautiful leg, a model course, slenderness and in the mouth, they take it out and are fair, FERA.

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