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koutasumomonashi:The erotic switch The first part

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Your wife who tries to manage and survive well somehow though payment is demoted recently, and gets angry with my husband who has decreased. "I don't have enough money." in having a staring contest with and a household account book, "at such time *♪", A toy is taken out suddenly with, and, onanism starting! All except for the place where your wife is slightly dirty is an ordinary married couple gulpingly. But the package mysterious to such conjugal bottom. The contents of your wife who checks the contents though she thinks dully, and the box The switch? When a wish comes true on enclosed paper, it's transcription. The reason which has such Koto! Your wives who are skeptical and press a button weren't the money tortured as well as a wish! Your wife who is being transformed lecherously is beginning to behave extremely one after another!

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"Maybe that isn't liked, opening was very fine. They seem also able to expect a sequel." "It ends in the one like mystery incompletely, and, to a continuation, the pattern. I was thrilled with very provocative underwear, but it's also regrettable to take it off readily." "I was Ms. mature woman a little, that it's unexpected, a body might also tighten." "A moderate mature woman was fine. Wouldn't you like such chionna? It was also good like the contents." "The feeling that I cooled down can have a good impression. Tender MANKO can also have a good impression."

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