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Toma Yuki:Lecherous SOUL of a former round girl

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Marvelous bust 91cm! Indeed the surprised true spherical G cup is also global a globe, the standard! Toma Yuki who has played an active part as a gravure idol and a round girl of an overall martial arts group using the Demolition body with such outstanding destructive power as a weapon, for 4 years after, audio visual return! The style which doesn't also change via the time of 4 years, not to mention, the must-see by which Eros refined further is in the must-see! Mega Eros? Giga Eros? The peta by which this is a legend reluctantly, Eros! (It's pretty.) reckless rush strikes and swings bakuchichi of a trademark and bakushiri with single devotion, and aims at a penis, and dashes! The little cuckoo state once having CHINKO in the hand, that even Iku will remove it! I mumble by the mouth and squeezes at OPAI DEPAFUPAFU and VIRAVIRAMANKO, and the end is a vagina, GOKKUN! Indeed a colorful attack familiar with the structure of the human body (limitation between the thigh) is synthesized, Fuck competition! Indeed, a former round girl and URA and, oh, s and* should be shaved!

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