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Kyono Asuka:The actress best who can fire three at room Kyono Asuka

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The geki erotic popular actress and Kyono Asuka who retired and achieved an audio visual recovery and amp; unrevised debut last year though they were regretted, become attractiver, and, on a straight road, the first appearance! Moreover they're a very popular series of HAME PPANASHI and an announcement by "the actress best who can fire three at room" always! A make-up room, I charge, "already, spear TAI of early times" and Tama RI a touch, Asuka of a sign. As soon as an actor appears, IKINARI seems to be involved and be a female cat with flower. Sillago also depresses an actor like a limit, and when the standing on hind legs which became solid is found, I seem happy and sniff. Since your mouth stuffs its mouth fully, "CHINPO where well is good" and BAKYUMUFERA. That MANKO in NURENURE can be attacked already, the inside, UNYUUNYU, love liquid which moves and becomes clouded is dripped! Actor reason "look like a sea anemone", it seems to be a considerable rare utensil! The twice per 2 minutes more she and considerable stet seem inexpensive, and which are a thing from insertion, I,...? Can Asuka who is the opening thing dirty also makes 3 times by such pace have everyone neatly! But the actor who can fire 3 is wonderful, too,... is that only that's "rare utensil", isn't it?

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"When an animation during HAME is thought to judge from a picture though it's the pretty atmosphere, it's a face of age equivalence whether it's for excitement, disgust, I have an expression of full bloom. I'm a little interested in slack of a stomach, but they seem so not overweight, so is oh the one by which this is also the age." "I'm an aggressive chionna actress on my own. A man is strong in a lust, and doesn't have it." "HAME Ushio who jets that Asuka's PUSHUPUSHU is excited!! a work expects more a lot of HAME tide next time." "It was a II woman, and I was returning! Coman ripens and is ripeness, but... the possible actor is more wonderful! !!" "Is Asuka mature woman's part of the clan, too? It has become certain in the face which looks like Mr. OBA. The, that, it's done away by indecency language opening and MANKO opening. It's a difficulty that stock in 3 shots is scarce in a change."

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