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Rika Okabe.:Rika Okabe.

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Rika very sensitive by a shy person. A body could just touch and trembles timidly, so if den MA can be addressed to MANKO, it's slightly serious! That it isn't expected has occurred! Though I'm embarrassed this time, I'm Rika who blames a HAME teacher strenuously, but if it's thrust at by a HAME teacher intensely, pant voice like a scream won't stop any more!

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"It's pretty no, thank you! FERA seemed also comfortable..., and I was interested from a previous work, but isn't the color of the lip strange?", isn't it?? "Young wife of a cute system shy person. The figure, the detective breast and the face are also pretty. Pant voice is loud and also very sensitive. If it's only HAME, are you very excited Ryousaku?" "You're your cute wife you like a FERA face.", right? "To be honest, it's pretty and if I'm the child who is also well-proportioned but young, there is no meaning in this site! I hope for a mature woman more.", isn't there?

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