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Yuriko Hoshino.:Yuriko Hoshino.

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It's YABAI in this wife equivalence! I begin to be hesitating during talk, from, the degree of frustration MAX! It's so. It's transformation for your erotic wife who is to the extent a HAME teacher laughs unconsciously, too, if it's switched on, once! The dissatisfaction which can't have my husband make the dirty loving is here, large explosion! 1 must-see for now!

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"The movement which feels positivism overall is being done the onanism scene was also somewhat intense and fresh.", isn't it? "I like myself for your cute wives. The breast which has begun to hang down also seems to be a mature woman." "Erotic rice." "Mr. POTCHARI of a middle-aged mature woman. An ambition agonizes over erotic mode opening and suffers much, and is a medium stock finish. The character is slightly strange." "A breast and the bottom may be done plumply. chi was feminine, and the voice was also pretty."

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